Thursday, June 06, 2024


Top Tips When Selling Your RV

It is estimated that there are approximately nine million RV owners in America, making it one of the most popular forms of transport for Americans. Many people find that owning an RV gives them a wide range of possibilities when it comes to travel. Larger RVs are almost like self-contained homes and have all the modern amenities that allow long-distance travel to take place in style and comfort. They are often the perfect vehicle for road trips that traverse across state lines and take in multiple destinations along the route. In addition, RVs can be a cost-effective way to travel as they have beds onboard that allow journeys to be undertaken without needing to book into a hotel or motel. However, at some point in the vehicle’s useful life, RV owners look to sell their vehicle. This may be to fund the purchase of a newer RV with more modern features or lower mileage and improved reliability. When planning to sell your RV, it is important to consider some key points to ensure that you get a great deal that is trouble-free. This article describes three top tips to think about when selling your RV.

Consider using specialist online vehicle trading sites

Whilst RV’s are a popular form of transport, standard cars will always be bought in greater numbers. Put simply, RVs are still a niche market in the overall personal transport market. When it comes to selling your RV, it can make sense to search out specialist online vehicle trading sites that attract a captive market of buyers who are interested in purchasing this specific type of vehicle. RV Trader is one of the most popular online sites of this kind, as it is a dedicated marketplace for buying and selling these vehicles. However, there are a range of other online marketplaces to consider, so you should find a suitable site to sell your RV online.

For long-distance sales

It is worth considering that your potential buyer may live a long distance away from you. If you manage to secure a sale to such a buyer, they may not like the idea of a long delivery journey adding significant mileage to the vehicle. In such circumstances, an ideal solution may be to secure the services of an RV transport company such as This type of specialist firm will be able to transport your vehicle to the buyer on a flat-bed truck, so extra mileage is not added to it.

Give it a thorough cleanou

This second top tip may sound self-explanatory, but it can make a significant difference to the number of potential buyers who view and make offers on your RV. Put simply, an RV that is sparkling clean will instantly project the right impression to potential buyers and will help to demonstrate that the vehicle has been looked after by its current owner. In addition to a thorough clean, ensure that you take high-quality pictures of your RV. Ideally, take pictures on a sunny day and frame your vehicle shots against a nice background. Make sure to learn more about taking great pictures of your RV before you try it yourself.