Thursday, June 06, 2024


Great Technology of Truck Wheel Wash System from MobyDick


Trucks are common vehicles in construction sites. These have important roles to deliver materials. That is why the vehicles will need to come and leave the sites. In this case, having dirty trucks are common since construction sites will be full of soils, rocks, and dust that can stick to the wheels. However, it cannot be ignored. The construction site needs to have truck wheel wash that will be necessary to clean and wash the wheels of trucks, especially before the vehicles leave the sites so the vehicle will be clean and there are no soils that pollute the roads. Related to the wheel wash, MobyDick is right place to get various wheel washers with excellent technology.

Wheel Washing System and Technology

Normally, the wheel washers are needed to clean and wash the wheels and lower parts of vehicles. It can be trucks and even backhoes. Since it is to clean, normally it uses water sprayers with enough powers to remove the soils and other things stuck in the wheels. However, MobyDick does not simply consider the power output. The engineers and technicians make great combination of water volumes, nozzle designs, and water pressure to provide both effectiveness and efficiency. It does not only prioritize the high-water pressure to spray the water and clean the wheels that will require huge energy consumption, but it uses these combinations to provide better result with lower energy consumption.

Water Tank System

Utilization of water pressure and nozzle designs to provide better power output is surely brilliant ideas. It is not only about water pressure, but there are other aspects that can be utilized to get better results with lower energy consumption. In fact, the wheel washers have other interesting things, and it can be found in its water tank systems. Some models of the wheel washers use the water tank system so the water will be recycled and reused to reduce the consumption rate of water.